Bob Allen Canvas Rifle Case


  • Color: Green
  • 14 oz. canvas duck exterior
  • Quilted lining
  • Leather back strap & sling
  • Nylon zipper

Residents of California – Proposition 65 WARNING


Additional information


40", 44", 48"


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Q: What size case do I need for a 30-06. It is for a gift so I can't measure the gun?
— Asked by Bill L on January 6, 2018
A: Hi Bill, If you can provide the make of the 30.06 that will give me a better idea of what size to suggest. We always suggest 2" larger than the gun itself. Thank you, Briana
Q: Does Boyt manufacture Bob Allen Gun Cases? If not where are both brands manufactured? Lou
— Asked by Lou Williams on March 11, 2018
A: Hi Lou, We have sent you a direct email to answer your question. If you have any further questions please let us know. Thank you, Briana
Q: Re: BA4100--Your website shows a 40" case which is narrow, like a shotgun case. That is what I want, as it is for a lever action rifle. Yet other web sites selling this product picture the 40" BA4100 as being cut taller to accommodate a scoped rifle--which is not what I want. Which is true? Thanks. Mark Mew, Eagle River, Alaska.
— Asked by Mark Mew on February 3, 2019
A: Mark, The BA4100 is our rifle case. You are wanting a BA2100 which is the shotgun case. The featured case in the above picture is the rifle case. Thanks Lori
— http://Customer%20Service
Q: Hello! I have a uberti 1873 short rifle 20”. Could you please tell me what case would work? The total length of the gun is 40”. Thank you
— Asked by Hans Storsberg on April 28, 2019
A: Hans, With the length of your gun, you would want to find a 42" to have a better fit but if you are looking at this case you would go with the 44" and that will give you about 2" extra in your case. Thanks Lori
— http://Customer%20Service

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